Monday, February 2, 2015

Quick n Easy Cowl/Hood - Free Crochet Pattern

Quick n Easy Cowl/Hood - Free Crochet Pattern

This cute chunky scarf can be worn different ways and is super easy to make! You can make multiple to match anything you're wearing or for gifts!

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Important Notes:
*You are welcome to sell items made from this pattern, but please do not sell this pattern. I would love it if you linked back here though!
*If you think any corrections should be made to this pattern, please let me know!
*All abbreviations used in patterns are explained here.

Finished Size:
Approx 14" tall, and 28" around. Gauge is not super important for this project, but it will change the size slightly if yours if different than mine. Info for how to adjust size below.

-2 skeins of Hometown USA in color or choice, if tweed or other non solid color, 3 skeins as the yardage is lower. **Another skein will be needed if you want to increase the size.
-N hook
-Large yarn needle


Pattern Notes:
*Chs at beginning of each round do not count as a stitch.
*This scarf is made with invisible seam, otherwise the "seam" becomes very visible. It's written into the pattern, but a video tutorial of how to do that is {coming soon}.

ch 46 loosely, making sure ch isn't twisted, join with a sl st to first ch made to create a big loop.
Rnd 1: ch 2, skip the first ch (one sl st was made into), dc into next ch and in ea ch around, dc over the ch 2 into the ch skipped at the beginning, sl st in top of first dc made to join. (58 dc)
*Make sure it is not twisted, it won't be obvious now, but it will later!
Rnd 2-14: ch 2, skip dc you sl st into, dc in next st, dc in ea st around, dc over the ch 2 into the skipped st, join with sl st to first dc made. (58 dc)
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Size Adjustments:
To make the scarf larger around, just add additional chains at the beginning to achieve the desired size. To make it taller, Just repeat row 2 as many times as needed to get the desired length. This pattern is designed for 2 skeins almost exactly, so if you choose to make it bigger, you WILL need to buy more yarn.

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