Sunday, January 31, 2010

Imma Be Crafts

One of my friends, Emily, is starting her own business called Imma Be Crafts. Some of the items she will be selling are crocheted scarfs, cloth napkins, crocheted baby blankets, pillow cases, fleece blankets, and throw pillows. All of her items are handmade. If you are interested in any of her items, she would be happy if you email her.

Commenting and Following on My Blog - Modified

Thanks Aubrey, for pointing out that I didn't say how to comment. :-)

I have been asked by several different people if they can post a comment on my blog. The answer is YES, anyone can comment on my blog. It doesn't matter what email you have or if you have a blog or not. Please don't be afraid to do so as I would love to know who is reading my blog.

How do you comment? At the bottom of each post there will be a link that says "1 (or whatever # of comments there are) comments. " Click on it. On the right of the page that comes there will be the comments already posted. On the left it will say "Leave your comment." Underneath were it says "Leave your comment," type in what you want to say. Then you have to type in a Word Verification. Then you have to chose your identity, Google Acount or Open ID. Type in the infomation for your chosen identity, click "Pulish Your Comment." Very Easy.

If you like my blog please also follow it. Just click on the little follow button in my followers window on the side of my blog. With following, you don't have to have a blog and it doesn't matter what email you have.

If you have any questions about commenting or following please leave a comment on this post or email me.

Neighbor's Birthday Presents

For her birthday, my sister Anna and I made our neighbor outfits for her American doll. She really liked them and we had fun making them.
A Summer Outfit

A Nightgown (this was the hard one because we used a pattern instead of making up our own. :-))

A Winter Outfit (I crocheted the hat because I crochet baby hats and I figured it wouldn't be that much harder to crochet an AG hat.)

A Swimsuit - I crocheted it. I was going to make it a like the Webkinz Outfits, but I when I got the bottom part done, it came up too high on her side so I just decided to make it a one piece.

A back veiw of the swimsuit

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Christmas Crochet Ornament

Every year for Christmas, my mom and dad give each one of us kids an ornament. This year they gave me a crochet ornament. My mom said it was the only one she could find anywhere on the internet, so I better not ask for a crochet one next year.

The front

The back - she got it personalized to say Sarah 2009 F.H.G.H. (For His Glory Handiwork)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Christmas Presents - Granny Square Purse

For Christmas I gave my sister Rebekah a granny square purse since she likes to carry around a big, ugly bag that hangs down to her knees. She calls it her purse. I let her choose two colors and I used them together with a big hook. She really likes it. It also matches a horse dress my mom gave her for Christmas, but that wasn't on purpose.

My Christmas Presents - Webkinz Outfits

For Christmas, I made my sister, Anna, and my brother, Isaac, swimsuits for their webkinz pets. The swimming trunks are sewed and the bikinis are crocheted. For the trunks I used an American Girl shorts pattern and put custom tail holes and made sure the elastic fit the animal. I made up the bikini pattern.

If you are not familiar with Webkinz, Webkinz are toy stuffed animals that were originally released by the Ganz company on April 29, 2005. The toys are similar to many other small plush toys, however, each Webkinz toy has an attached tag with a unique "Secret Code" printed on it that allows access to the "Webkinz World" website. On Webkinz World, the Secret Code allows the user to own a virtual version of the pet for virtual interaction. You can earn "Kinzcash" by doing your daily activities and playing games, and use the kinzcash to by food and things for your pets room.

Isaac got his first two Webkinz for Christmas. He is very excited, and was on the computer all day after he got them. However I don't think he really likes his swim trunks I made for him.

Anna's Dogs and Bear in their swim trunks

Left to right - George the Brown Dog; Jack the Jack Russel; Ernie the Lil' kinz St. Bernard; Honey the Black Bear, (she doesn't have Honey on her account because she found him at a garage sale); and Patrick the Irish Setter. (Sorry, Patrick is cut off in this photo.)

Their back ends - George's is blue with stars; Jack's is NFL football themed and has Vikings on it because Anna is Brett Farve fan, the rest of the us are Packer Fans (Go, Pack, Go!); Ernie's has animals on it, Honey's is plaid; and Patrick's has clouds on it.

Anna's Dogs and Giraffe in their bikinis

Left to right - Freckles the Springer Spaniel; Cutie the Amreican Cocker Spaniel; and Delilah the Giraffe

Thier back ends

Isaac's Frog and Elephant

Ribbit and Peanuts

Their back ends

My Christmas Presents - Water Bottle Cozy, Dish Cloths, and Scrubbies

For Chirstmas, I gave my mom a water bottle cozy, three dish cloths, and three scrubbies. The pattern I used for the water bottle cozy can be found here on Cajun Crochet's blog. I used double crochet for it, and single for the strap. The pattern for the fish dish cloths can be found here on one of Granny Judith's blogs. The other dish cloth is the first granny square I had ever made. My mom wanted me make her dish cloths with out white in them, so it was a little hard to find colors that she would like that didn't have white in them. I don't have a picture of the scrubbies, but they are blue, red and black.

Water Bottle Cozy

(In the picture it looks like there is a bunch of holes down the side, but that is just from the flash.)

Dish Cloths

My mom had already used one of the fish before I got a picture of it.

My Christmas Presents - Bookmark and Palm Pilot Case

For Christmas I gave my dad a #1 DAD bookmark and a case for his palm pilot. I had a really hard time deciding what to make him. I was thinking about making a case for his new reading glasses, but the cheap one he has will provide much more protection than a crocheted case will have. I also thought about sewing him a hand-warmer out of fleece for when he goes hunting, but I didn't get enough time to get it done. The bookmark was really simple - I just made a rectangle using double crochet, and used red and blue fabric paint to paint #1 DAD. The case was also very simple - it is all double crochet and I stitched the sides together.


Palm Pilot and Case