Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fabulous Flower - Free Crochet Pattern

Fabulous Flower - Free Crochet Pattern

During my years of crocheting, there was something I could never get right - flowers. Every time I made one I did it a different way, partly because I couldn't remember how I did it the time before, and partly because the time before never looked how I wanted it too. I finally got it to come out right so I wrote up the pattern quick before I forgot! :)

This cute flower would be a great addition to many items. Hats, headbands, bags, etc. Or it could become a hair clip or pin. It can be used so many different ways for so many things!

Important Notes:
*You are welcome to sell items made from this pattern, but please do not sell this pattern. I would love it if you linked back here though!
*If you think any corrections should be made to this pattern, please let me know!
*All abbreviations used in patterns are explained here.

Finished Size:
Depend on what size hook and yarn you use. Mine with an I hook and worsted weight yarn turned out to be about 3 in wide, with the top flower being about 1.5 in wide.

-Yarn of Choice (I used worseted weight)
-Size hook of choice (I used an I hook)
-Yarn Needle