Saturday, May 5, 2012

Craft Sale Today!

Today we had a craft sale which was part of a fundraiser for a local family adopting from Haiti. They are adopting a sweet little girl named Naika:
Isn't she just darling??
She won't be able to come home for awhile, but I encourage you to go check out her family's blog!

After a really busy day yesterday (that included a lot more drama than I would have preferred), we went to set up last night, and stayed up really late (or shall I say early?) trying to get projects done. By we, I mean Rachel, my "business partner", who also happens to by my best friend, and I. This morning we got up at an hour no sane person would choose to get up at if they had a choice (and I'm not sane, so I don't know how that works...), and got ready and headed out!

Here's our table before it started.
Those french boards??? Ya, we are selling 1-2 per craft sale, so at this rate, we'll have them all gone in 3 years. :)
Potholders in the bottom right were made by my 9yo sister Anna
Tutus. :) Oh and those lightsaber looking things... another post coming about those. :)
And of course, I didn't get pictures after before we packed everything up. I seriously think I have only remembered to do it at the beginning and end for one craft sale, ever! Oh well, there wasn't too much gone that you could visibly see.

The morning started out sorta slow, I'm going to guess mainly due the last minute change of address due to flooding in the originally planned location. But mid morning it picked up considerably, but I think that most of the sales for everyone including us were from vendor to vendor. That's why I never bring my own spending money to craft sales - because vendors like to buy from each other more than shoppers! :)

We sold some stuff, of course not as much as we had hoped, but you never do! We ended up raising $78, all of which went to Naika's family! It's a lot more than we expected to raise, so PRAISE GOD! :)

I've been busy this afternoon marking things as sold on our website, and working on listing new things, so please got check it out! There's lots there! :)

And please also check out our puzzle fundraiser we have going on for Lilly too!

Thank you!!!