Monday, May 30, 2011

A Pet Peeve of Mine

I wouldn't say that I have a lot of pet peeves, but I have a few... :) One of them that drives me absolutely nuts is when a picture is taken of something crocheted, and the item is upside down! For example, Ashley took pictures of some of my crocheted items to list on my other blog - Handiwork for Jonathan. She can't tell which is the right  side and which is the wrong, so she took some of the wrong side.

The wrong side
But, since she is the best, she took pictures of both sides so I had one of the right side to list. :)

The right side

Even with this picture from my last post, I almost pulled these blocks back out and retook the picture because a few blocks were upside down.

Crazy, I know, because I'm the only one who can tell, but it still drives me nuts! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blocks... aka Block Party 2012 Report #1

So I have another post typed up that I am just waiting on a picture from someone for. And I promise pictures of the finished Block Party blankets are to come! But tonight, after receiving another large donation, I felt the need to post about blocks! :) Blocks that are for next February's Block Party, the one next year, and they are coming in by the dozens (literally!)!

The first year we did the Block Party we collected 309 blocks, which made 8 blankets and 2 scarves. That AMAZED me that it was possible. After all it started with a idea that popped into my head one night as I was trying to go to sleep.  This past February was our 2nd Annual Block Party. My goal was to double our total from the first time, and double we did!!! :) Our final tally was 649 blocks!!! God is simply amazing, and that's all there is too it! :)

On February 5th (the Block Party this year), I had already made a goal for 2012! I haven't posted it yet, but now I feel pretty confident that with God's blessing we will make it! :) So, I'm praying we get 1000 blocks this coming year! Yep, no typo, 1000 six inch, knitted and crocheted blocks! And where do we stand right now? I am very happy to tell you that we have made 25%, or 1/4 of the goal!!!! With the last donation that my dad brought home from bible study tonight, we are at 250!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! Last year at this time, I think I had about 20 blocks, and we have 8 more months to go yet this year! And the current total of 250 does not include my blocks that I have done, my brother's blocks (he has probably double what I have right now!), my friend Rachel's blocks that I don't have yet (I'm guessing about 25-30 there??), and many more people have told me they are 'cranking them out'!! God is Good!

So.. onto pictures of what we have so far and Thank yous!!

Thank you to a Mother (In-law?) of one of our friends at church for these wonderful 26 granny squares!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Ms. R Vander Loop for these 33 knitted squares!!!

You may notice that on some of these, there are ends sticking out... If you are considering donating any blocks to the Block Party, please take a bit of time to weave in the ends! :)

A Big THANK YOU to Mrs. M S Quigley for these 8 knitted blocks! I even can't imagine how long they took  with the size yarn and size needles she used! Thank you!

Every donation of blocks is extremely important to make the Block Party a success,  but the big donations really help!  A HUGE THANK YOU to Mrs. Foster for this lovely donation of 144 crocheted squares!! I look forward to seeing your husband, as there is always a surprise for me! :)
Thank you my dear friend Rachel for these 4 (one isn't in the picture) blocks! I LOVE the colors for some very special reasons! :)

I think this is my most favorite blanket of all the ones we have ever made! I LOVE the colors! Thank you SOO much Rachel for making this and sewing it together for me! :) Luv you!

I laid the blanket out to take a picture, and Ms. Rachel (the little one, not the one above :)), decided she needed to lay down on it. Right in the middle too! So I told her to smile, and this is the cheesy smile she gave me! The little ham! :)

One thing I know for sure: With the next donation, I'm going to need a new place to store all these blocks!  My  store house is overflowing! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Do you know?

Do you know how much I hate blogs with a bad blogger? They are one of my pet peeves, yet from the looks of this blog I am one. :) I guess it's more fun to read other people's blogs (I'm following over 50 other blogs..), than to stay caught up on my own blog. So here's my promise to be a better blogger! I'm sure I've lost all of my readers, so thank you soo much if you are reading this!!!

Before I get back to crocheting in my next post, I have a few announcements.
This little boy:

Is going to be my new little brother soon! :) Yep, we are going back to EE to adopt another sweet little boy. We are going to name him Jonathan, and he will be one in July. Our paperwork was submitted to his country's government today (YAY!!), so hopefully we will be traveling in June! :) Please follow along on my mom's blog - My God is Lord.

Other announcements include my other blogs. I started Matthew 18:14, so I didn't bore my crocheting readers on this blog with orphan advocacy posts. :) And my other blog where I sell my crocheted items to help bring orphans home - I changed it again, this time to Handiwork for Jonathan. My button:

I guess that's it for now. Until next time (which won't be long!!), have a great day!