I'm Sarah. I'm 15, and I've been crocheting 4+ years.

I run a business with a friend (Handiwork for Orphans) selling our handmade items, and I make up a lot of my own patterns.

When I do use patterns they are usually free, so I want to share my patterns with you for free. I'm by no means a professional pattern designer, but I do my best, and if anything I share helps you, great! And if you find a mistake, let me know!

A little more about me:

I love my Jesus and I'm so grateful He saved me and gives me grace daily.

I do know how to knit and sew, but I don't like knitting and I'm not patient enough or precise enough to love sewing, so I stick to crocheting.

I am a big sister to 6, soon to be 7 kids. 2, soon to be 3 of whom are adopted from Ukraine and have Down syndrome.

I am an advocate for children with Down syndrome, and advocate for orphans who are still waiting to try and find them families. My main blog is here- What it Means to Love.

I was on a mission trip to Ukraine in 2010 that changed my life, and I hope to someday have a degree in nursing and be a medical missionary, mama and wife in Ukraine or where ever else God calls me.

Until I can travel around the world, I travel around the US doing childcare for the children of families who are out of country bringing their newest children home.

I am battling with chronic Lyme disease. It often limits my ability to crochet and move through daily life because of the pain, but I push through with God's help.

In my spare time, I hang out with friends, blog, crochet, and watch movies and TV shows (like Doctor Who).

That pretty much sums me up. My life is messy and complicated, but it's beautiful, and I love it.

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