Thursday, April 19, 2012

Going Green

I've been at a loss of things to blog about now that the Block Party is over for this year. So I decided to post pictures of how I go green with all the yarn I use... introducing the newest fashion room decorating trend sweeping the nation that is so hot and so hip everybody has to have their own! Ok, not quite. More like my dorky room decorations that only a crafter would appreciate. :)
Yup, it's a chain made with yarn labels if you can't tell!

 I haven't made it all the way around my room yet, but hopefully I will soon!

I know it's not really going green, as I'm not reusing it for anything useful and it will get thrown away eventually, but hey, better then throwing them all away now! :)

Home-spun! :)

So if you feel like making your own, you probably wanna know how to make it right? Simply take all your yarn labels, either cut the tape the joins them or gently rip the glue, cut the wider ones in half the long way (experiment to get the look you like, I cut all the homespun ones and ones wider than that, and left the rest). Then link them together but stapling each one (usually only once will hold) making a chain. And for the record... all Red Heart labels are junk, and rip easy and hold no "weight". Then what we did was put a small nail in the wall, take the clippy things in the pic above (what are they called??) and clip them onto a label, and then hook them on a nail (or in the pic above, the vent). Then get to too hang down as far as you would like and do it again. Very easy! :)