Monday, March 19, 2012

the family helps.

The Block Party is a family affair! The whole family helps!!!



Me (13)
This is the ONLY picture I have of me working on blankets! :)

Anna (9)

Isaac (7)

Rebekah (5)

Elijah (4)

Rachel (2)

Jonathan (1) 
He doesn't try and help, but he is very good at climbing over laid out blankets and messing them up! As well as being all over the top of the blankets when taking pictures of the finished ones! :)
Caught on tape attacking his big sister (who is smaller than him!)!

I love my family! :) And I couldn't do the Block Party each year without them!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Block Party 2012 Report #4 - Final Tallies and Video!

It's official! As of a week or so ago, the blankets are DONE and shipped! :) God truly turned a little work (or a lot!) from many of people into some GREAT for His GLORY!! Here are this year's totals!

(I apologize if these numbers do not match up with the video or what I announced in church. The numbers came out a little different each time. I believe what I have below is correct, not the video.)

1864 BLOCKS!!!!

Which made:
12 baby blankets including 6 other ones not made with blocks
11 lap blankets
4 medium blankets including 1 not made with blocks
11 big blankets (twin bed size)

Total of 38 blankets!!!

16 preemie/baby hats
5 older kid hats
3 pairs of baby booties
11 scarves
4 toys
1 baby sweater

Total of 1911 items collected to bless and bring hope to the hopeless in Ukraine!!! 
Plus a bunch of clothes, baby sleepers, and other things!!

If that isn't amazing to you, listen to read this! We figured out the time spent on this last night for something else, and we estimated there was a total of 1275 HOURS spent on this project by everyone!! And that is on the LOW side! If you're too lazy to do that math (like usually am!), that's over 53 FULL 24 HOUR days!!! Absolutely NUTS!!! 

That shows you just how much work everyone has put into this, to bless people they have never even met. To me, that is absolutely amazing so many people sacrificed in this way for God's kingdom!

All the GLORY to GOD!!!!

Here is a video I put together with pictures of the Block Party(s), finished blankets, and those who everything we collected will bless! Please take some time to watch it!

I just want to say one last THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helped!!!!!

And a big THANK YOU to God who blessed this project sooo abundantly!!!

I can't wait to see what next year brings!!!