Friday, December 11, 2009

My New Sewing Machine

A few weeks ago I received a new (new to me) sewing machine. My 4-H leader was given several old sewing machines that still are in great working condition. She gave them to my sewing leader to find good homes for them. She asked if anyone would be interested in taking one. We said yes and went over to choose the one that worked best for us. It is a Singer Stylist 522, (which, if you research it, it is very old). It worked out good for us because my mom has a Singer that we use for all our projects. Both machines use the same bobbin and they are very similar. I am very thankful for the new machine.


  1. What a great early Christmas gift!

  2. What an awesome gift! How fun.
    Would you be willing to teach Rachel and Rebekah how to crochet? Rachel knows a little but Rebekah would have to learn from scratch.

  3. lisagander5,
    I would be happy to teach them how to crochet!

  4. Thanks Sarah,
    I think they would like to learn from you. We'll have to set up another Sunday to get together.