Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The **TOP SECRET** Project!

Quite awhile ago, my friend Rachel and I decided to crochet a project for our mom's for Mother's Day (we did plan this before Mother's Day!). Unfortunately Mother's Day came and went before we could get together to start it. Our moms had no idea what we were making until we gave it to them. We called our bags our "top secret project" and nobody knew what we were doing until we were done, besides Anna and Rebekah (Rachel's younger sister) who helped make plarn for us at the end. We made these bags completely out of plarn and added a strand of white acrylic to the handle for extra support. This was Rachel's first big project and she did amazing on her bag, even though she doesn't agree she did a good job. It took us two times getting together to finish it, but we had fun working together and spending time with each other. We even won two Dairy Queen blizzards on the radio's Bible Quiz the first time we were working on our project. :) We had to fudge the pattern a little but they still turn out ok! Our mom's both loved our bags and we had fun making them! I brought mine to fair.
My bag
My mom and her bag
Rachel's mom and her bag

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