Sunday, November 7, 2010

Elijah, Tori, and Anastasiya

It's taken me a little longer than I wanted to get this post up, but I've been busy crocheting!! :)

You may remeber when I posted about my little brother we are adopting. If not, click here. On Octobeer 10th, our wonderful church family hosted the Elijah Joseph Packer Benefit. Even thought the Packers lost the game that day, we had a wonderful turn out. And, we raised a LOT of money to bring Elijah home. In fact we raised so much that we now have enough money to bring Elijah home!!! Thanks to many generous donations we raised $17,000!!! Don't we serve a great God??? You can read about the benefit here and here on my mom's blog.

So, after the benefit, I realized I needed to change my blog, Handiwork for Elijah because we had all the money we needed to bring Elijah home. I decided to change it to Tori (I posted about Tori here). Well, I changed my blog to Handiwork for Tori; but, with in 48 hours of me changing it to Tori, I found out she had a full grant!!! And a few days later I found out she had a family!!! Now there is a special thing about this family. They have adopted before, from Eastern Europe, and they adopted from the very same orphange/institution that I got to visit on my trip to Eastern Europe earlier this summer! How cool is that?

So I decided I needed to change my blog again. I had a hard time deciding between Noah and Anastasiya, both from Elijah's orphanage and listed on Reece's Rainbow. I decided to go with Anastasiya, and now my blog is Handiwork for Anastasiya. Please visit it here, and consider helping to bring Anastasiya home!!

My friend Genesis and I are also advocating for Anastasiya, and we started the blog Saving Anastasiya. Please visit and follow along on our journey to find sweet Anastasiya a family!!

Sorry this post didn't have much to do with crocheting but I hope you enjoyed it!! :)

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  1. I have always loved all three of these kids. I remember when my parents first commited to Josiah and I saw little Aloysha (Elijah) and I fell in ove with him he was so cute I wanted to help him find a family but I didnt know where to start and then he got his new pictures and he was even cuter then. I dont reamember how long after that your family commited to him But I was so happy and excited I cant wait untill your family meets him and brings him home

    I also fallow the Burmans blog adopting Tori and I fallowed them bringing hom Evelyn, Owen and Hudson.