Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Craft Sale!

**Repost from Matthew 18:14**

I had a Craft Sale this Saturday morning at our local Farmer's Market to help raise money to bring Logan and Lilly home! It was a beautiful day (compared to the last 3 weeks which were cold, windy, and nasty!!), and I'd say we had a great turn out! What I thought would go quick didn't, but a lot of things went that I didn't think would.

Practice set up in the garage. SOO glad we did this!!

Me and my tent in the morning, shortly before it started.

French Boards!

Sorry, you don't get to see the pic of his family!!! You shoulda come if you wanna know who they are! :) My friend Jaclyn also sent me some bows to sell for Logan, which was VERY generous of her, considering she is trying to fund her own adoption. If you can, please go help her out!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH JACLYN!!!!

She also sent me tutu headbands, and tutus! Sorry the tutu thing is backwards in this pic.

And it's backwards in this one too! After awhile the sun came out and we took the cover off the tent and left the frame up. Not only for warmth, but for more exposure. And it worked! The sales seemed to pick up and we had more interest after that! Standing by the table is Dottie, who came to sit with me while my mom watched the little ones at my bro's football game. Thanks soo much Dottie!!!!

Happy Customer! :)

This time I FINALLY remembered to take picture of my table after I set it up at on the morning, and before I took it down!

Sorry, you still don't get to see who they are! :)
THANK YOU SOO MUCH to EVERYONE who came out!! And a BIG thank you to my amazing parents!!!! They have both been such as help with tents, my sign, tables, set up, and staying up late to get projects done! Couldn't have done it with out them!

So I'm sure you all want to know total's, eh? Logan is almost $40 closer to being home, and Lilly is almost $80 closer to finding a family!! God is GOOD! Oh soo good! And Logan and Lilly say THANK YOU!!

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