Sunday, January 1, 2012

To kick off the new year...

To kick off the new year, I made a slouchy hat! I loved the pattern from Julie at Gleeful Things, and definitively want to make it again! Using a big hook, and ultra bulky yarn, it worked up FAST!

Problem is… I don’t know if the slouchy hat thing is really my style??? I was having a bit of trouble getting it on the right way. Or perhaps I was having to much fun with the webcam. Either way, mom walked in on me and straightened me out. Phooey! And there is a reason I am not posting all of the pictures I took! LOL

My New Years Resolution for this blog is: to post more frequently! Because I took I break from my other blog for a while, I am doing better, but let's see if I can keep that up! :)

Happy New Year!!

1 comment :

  1. LOVE IT!! Oh my goodness, it looks so good! :D Except when it's over your face... ;)