Sunday, February 14, 2010

My First Knitted Scarf

For my first knitting project, I made a scarf. I started it on Nov. 17, 2009 and I finished it on Saturday. My grandma gave me the ball of yarn, because she wasn't going to use it. It tried crocheting with it, and it was nearly impossible to crochet with, so I decided to knit a scarf with it. Knitting with fancy/fuzzy yarn isn't as difficult as crocheting, because you don't have to go back into the yarn with knitting like you do with crocheting. The reason it took me so long to finish it is because I couldn't figure out how to bind off (taking all the loops off of the needle), so I had to have someone show me. Another reason it took me so long is, (as you already know from reading my blog) I have been very busy. :-) Below are some pictures.

My Scarf

A closer view

The edges look like they are uneven, and that I messed up big time, but that is because the yarn changes thicknesses in different spots. I managed to keep the same number of stitches throughout the whole scarf.
Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!!!