Friday, June 11, 2010

Subway Gift Card Contest! - Red, White and Blue Granny Squares

I follow several crocheting blogs (ok, not several - a lot), and one of them I follow is Deb's Crafts. She is hosting a Subway Gift Card contest on her blog. For every red, white, and blue granny square you make and send her by June 30, she will enter your name once in a drawing for a $10
Subway Gift Card. She is going to sew the squares (like we did for the Block Party) together to make lapghans (lap blankets) for the veterans in her local nursing home. Her requirements are - they MUST be a traditional granny square, they need to have 5 rounds, and be 6 inches square. Please keep in mind the American flag when choosing your colors and use only acrylic washable yarn. This is the link she posted for a pattern for the granny square, but you can also use this YouTube video to learn how to make the Traditional Granny Square. You can email Deb at debsstuff55 (at) yahoo (dot) com for the address to send your squares to or if you have any questions. You can read the rest of her post, and find out more information about it here.

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