Monday, February 28, 2011

Block Party Report #4 - The Block Party!

Three weeks ago Saturday was the Block Party. Guess it took me a while to get this post up! I kind of feel like I disappeared off the face of the the “bloggy” earth! :) The Block Party went very well, I am very, very happy with the amount of donations we received, but we could have used more helpers! I’ll hopefully get the totals up on the “collected so far” page at the top of my blog soon, but until then, I’ll tell you that we had about 650 blocks in total!!! Last year we had 309 blocks, and this year I wanted to double that! We should have about 20 - 25 blankets in total (including other ones donated like the ones here)! Plus, not only do we have blankets made out of yarn but we have blankets made out of fabric! (more about that in another post!) We had 16 ladies, two awesome guys (plus Isaac, more about him coming later), come and help us in total (not everyone could stay the whole time). And we had about 25 AMAZING people help us by donating their time, and skills to help this event be a success! I am absolutely AMAZED at the response I’ve had for this and I can’t thank all of you enough for your support in this outreach. There will be MANY, MANY adults and children in EE that will feel the love of Jesus though these blankets and other items. NOW… ONTO THE PICTURES!!!!

One of the blankets laid out and ready to go!

My mom and sister, Anna

All the blocks (that were unlaid out at the time I took this)!

Rachel G or "Big Rachel" sewing

Debbie G or "Auntie Debbie" sewing

Auntie Debbie and Anna

Mrs. Gloria S and Mrs. Barb F sewing

"Big Rebekah" or Rebekah G sewing

Mrs. Brenda M proudly show off the row she sewed by herself! :)

Mrs. Betty G sewing

Ashley sewing (you can visit Ash's blog here)

Jake (my youth group leader and Ashley's husband) showing his brother Ben and my brother Isaac how to sew

Yes I did get permission to post this... Jake's words were "We would be honored if you posted it on your blog...." :)

My sister Rebekah with the block she made (more on that later)

My sister Anna with my baby (16 months) sister Rachel

My brother Elijah

Having fun with Jake!

Lil' Rachel - "Are we ready to go yet?" (Not all of my siblings stayed the entire day. Anna did, but everyone else stopped in around lunch time with Dad.)

"I like it when you take pictures of me! Because I'm soo cute!"

No this isn't all we had for food, but I like this picture! :)

Awhile ago there was a follow up article in our local newspaper (front page :)) about our adoption. The lady who wrote up the article was kind enough to put a little bit in there about the Block Party and put my phone number in there for people who wanted to help so I still have people calling to ask how they can help. This year’s Block Party might be over but as long as I’m in charge there will always be a next time!!! And I know people (including myself) who have started making square for next year! My goal for next year is one thousand blocks… I’m believing in God that He will help get the word out about this and we will reach that goal! THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT!

God Bless,
Just had to put this one in... My sister Rebekah looking through her water bottle :)

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