Friday, May 13, 2011

Do you know?

Do you know how much I hate blogs with a bad blogger? They are one of my pet peeves, yet from the looks of this blog I am one. :) I guess it's more fun to read other people's blogs (I'm following over 50 other blogs..), than to stay caught up on my own blog. So here's my promise to be a better blogger! I'm sure I've lost all of my readers, so thank you soo much if you are reading this!!!

Before I get back to crocheting in my next post, I have a few announcements.
This little boy:

Is going to be my new little brother soon! :) Yep, we are going back to EE to adopt another sweet little boy. We are going to name him Jonathan, and he will be one in July. Our paperwork was submitted to his country's government today (YAY!!), so hopefully we will be traveling in June! :) Please follow along on my mom's blog - My God is Lord.

Other announcements include my other blogs. I started Matthew 18:14, so I didn't bore my crocheting readers on this blog with orphan advocacy posts. :) And my other blog where I sell my crocheted items to help bring orphans home - I changed it again, this time to Handiwork for Jonathan. My button:

I guess that's it for now. Until next time (which won't be long!!), have a great day!

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