Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Benefits and Craft Sales

There are several families adopting in our church/community, and our church plans benefits as fundraisers, because adoption isn't cheap. They did one for us when we adopted Elijah, and I had a table there selling my stuff. Recently they had one for this handsome little boy - Carter!

The top picture at the beginning of this post is Rachel and I at our table at Carter's benefit. Whenever they plan a benefit, it is a given that Rachel (now my partner in crime on Handiwork for Lilly) and I will have a craft table selling out things. Nope, they don't even ask us! :) Not that we mind! Coming up in October there is another benefit for another family adopting a little boy from China - the Prevost family! Because of the rules of the country, they can't share his picture online, but boy is he a cutie!

We also have a craft sale (possibly) coming up in September/October at our local farmer's market! The site says that there are more than 2500 visitor per week... so hopefully we'll sell a lot of stuff since we haven't been doing very well on our blog!

Stay tuned for Block Party Reports, and other craft projects Rachel and I did when we were at grandma's house last week!

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