Monday, September 5, 2011

French Boards!

If you follow my other blog - Matthew 18:14, sorry that most of this post is a repeat of my last post there!

In my last post I posted about benefits and craft sales. Well this post is some things my friend Rachel and I made for the upcoming benefit! This benefit will be a Spaghetti dinner on a Sat night, with a craft sale that morning. My newest love is RIBBON! :) (Does a hammer count? If so, that is my most loved newest love.. :)) So I really had fun with this project! One of the projects the mission board is doing for the Craft Sale is French Memo Boards. If you don't know what they are, they are boards with ribbons and buttons that you can stick pictures in, kinda like this one (or keep reading for pictures). My friend Rachel and I, both being part of the missions committee, finished up this project yesterday and this morning. Here are pictures of us making them and the finished project-

I'm Bob the Builder aka Depressed Train Conductor! :D

You don't want to get in our way.. We have our weapons!

Our mess shortly after we finished this morning.

All of them.. DONE!

One of my favs... Micky Mouse with black and white!

Another fav!

Like our model picture in the fish one? :)

And though I have a blister from the staple gun, learned that my cat wears flip flops (don't bother asking), and earned several new nicknames... it's all worth it because we know that we were a part of bring a special boy home!


  1. I really really want to buy the Mickey Mouse one!! SO CUTE!!

  2. and your hat is cute ... but I don't know ... I don't really trust that gleam in your eye while you're wielding a hammer!!

  3. I'm not sure preordering is acceptable... I'll ask, but you should come to the craft sale! :)

    And you are wise.. I'm not to be trusted with that gleam and a HAMMER! LOL