Friday, October 5, 2012

Finished Friday - Hats Galore

I skipped last week, because, frankly, I didn't have anything done! I had a ton of projects ALMOST done, so I have a lot of HATS to share this week with you! :)
Preemie Baby Bluebird Hats for twin baby girls in the NICU. :)
I can't take all the credit for these - Rachel and I made them together! :)
Angry Bird Hat for an order that's long overdue... Rachel also helped me make the facial features on this one, and mom sewed the eyes on (I have yet to figure out the blanket stitch!)!
Hat's for the Clanton "twins"!
Sam and Sarah - Love these two!! So adorable! They were born half a world apart, to different biological parents (Sarah is adopted), but look how much they look alike!
Sarah's Hat
Sam's Hat
Yvonne (the "twins" mommy) shared this adorable picture of her and Sarah!

I also finally got these two Angry Bird Hats done.... and again, I can't take all the credit as Rachel did most of the facial parts, and actually she did the main parts done as well.... I just sewed them together. (Which is the reason why I HATE making these - sewing them together!)

And a bluebird hat that was for an order until they changed their mind on sizes. ;)

I also have a football have almost done.. it's missing the stitches, and am working on several other hats, but you'll have to wait until next week to see those! :)

It's hat season! Happy Friday!


If you would like to join me in this Finished Friday quest to get rid of all the half finished projects we all have... please blog about your project(s) you have finished the past week on Friday's, and come back here and leave a comment with your blog link. If this is successful, in the future I might set up a linky list you can join. Projects do not have to be projects you procrastinated on, they can be anything, sewing/crocheting/knitting or any other fiber art, and they need to be FINISHED! :)

Bloggers currently blogging FF frequently with me are: 
Brianna -

Can't wait to see your projects!

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