Sunday, March 28, 2010

Block Party Preparations

This post is mostly pictures of items I collected before the Block Party. Pictures from the Block Party itself are still to come.

Here are 8 knitted baby hats that are soft and warm from Barb F. She wasn't able to make it to the Block Party because she was going to be in Hawaii.

Here are some knitted blocks that were made by Evelyn L. She also was not able to make it. She made 18 blocks.
Here is a close up of a few of her squares

Here are 9 crocheted blocks from Geri E. She wasn't able to make it yesterday either.
Here are some blocks my mom made
This is one of my favorite blocks - my mom made this and she used all of her scraps up to make a granny square

On Thursday I got a package in the mail from my aunt - she lives in Ohio, so she wasn't able to make it yesterday. She sent 5 knitted squares and 54 crocheted squares!
Here is one of the colors she used. She used two patterns for all her crocheted squares, a granny square and triple crochet back loop only.

Here is another color she used (really there are two colors the granny square one is different than the other two).

And here is the last color - this is actually the same color I used for Anna's hat, and my mom used for Anna's Scarf

This is the other one of my favorites - my aunt also made this one with her scrap yarn
Here are my aunt's 5 knitted squares

Before the Block Party, my mom and I decided to sew a blanket together to see how it worked. We are glad we did because we learned alot about sewing them together. Here is a picture I took of when we laid it out. We laid it out so the stripes would go diagonal.

I had meant to get this post up before the Block Party, but I didn't so here it is now.


  1. That is really cool Sarah, I hope I can go... It sounds so much fun!