Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Grandpa's Hats

As I have mentioned before in the posts about my sibling's hats, my Grandpa asked me to make a bunch of hats for children in an orphanage in the mountains of Mexico. I bought some yarn, and used up more of what I had, and I ended up making 12 hats. They are all the same pattern, except for one. The pattern I used for most of them is a kids earflap pattern, which can be found here. It works up very quick, and I enjoyed making them! I just had to change the pattern a little, by taking some of the deceasing out. The other hat, which is yellow, is the same except, I kept going instead of putting the earflaps on. Below are bunch of pictures.

All 12 of the hats together

A zoomed up veiw of a few of them

The left side of the group

The right side of the group

My little sister Rachel - I was trying the hats on my siblings as I got them done, so I decided to try one on Rachel. This was the first hat I got done, so the picture was taken awhile ago, but they picture of her on the previous post was taken the day I posted it. Rachel is just over 3 months old in the picture here.

Another picture of Little Miss Rachel

I know I already posted this picture, and the two below this, but I thought I would post them again because I used the same pattern. This is Rebekah.

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  1. Hi I love your hats and was actually more wondering about the orphanage in Mexico? I would love to knit some things up for them, does your grandpa have any information on them so I could donate some things as well?