Saturday, March 27, 2010

Everybody Wants to Help! Including Dad!

The other night, my asked me to teach him how to crochet. Why? Because he wanted to make a block for me! Isn't that nice? So I taught him. He learned really fast. I told him his chaining was too tight, so he pulled it out, and started over, and it was loose enough. The first night he got 3 rows done. (I had him do 12 rows of double crochet and put a round of single crochet around it) The next night my mom and I went shopping, and he stayed up after the other kids were in bed and got the other rows of double crochet done to suprise me. Then I had him put single crochet around it. He also made a second one.

Working on the first one

Working on the second one

Working on the second one

Smiling for the camera with the first one

He thought it was funny that he held up one
I made too! :-)
The finished two blocks (Sorry, they are kind of hard to see because the yarn reflects the flash when I take the picture) Thanks Dad for making these!!!!
(My dad told me that he will learn how to crochet, but he will not learn how to knit because his vision of knitting is an old granny sitting in her rocking chair! :-))
More posts to come on how the Block Party went this morning!

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