Saturday, May 29, 2010

Aubrey's Projects

Awhile ago, I taught my friend Aubrey to crochet. Since then she has really taken off and she is doing REALLY well with her projects. I needed some new things to post about on my blog, so I asked her for pictures of things she's made. She sent them right away (it was like she had the email ready and she was just waiting for me to ask for them! :-)). Below are pictures of the things she's made.
This is her first project - a scarf

This is her second project - a hair scrunchie

This is her third project, a baby hat. She has also made a baby hat for her teacher's new baby.

This is a square that Aubrey made for the Block Party next year

This is a granny square that Aubrey made

And this is a granny square that Aubrey and her mom made while Aubrey was trying to teach her mom to make one :-)

Great Job Aubrey on all of your projects!! Keep up the good work!!!!


  1. This is really cool! Thanks for putting it up!!

  2. Sure! Thanks for giving me something new to post about!

  3. No problem!! lol