Saturday, May 29, 2010

Garage Sale Finds!

I love garage sales! You can find the best deals at them! Like the deal I found yesterday! I found two giant bags of thread for only $2 each! Thats a really good deal if you compare it to the price of thread in the store. The lady at the sale said its great that I crochet, and that she would be using that thread to crochet, but its to hard on her eyes, so she is glad that I can put it to use. But, now that I have all this thread, I have to take time to get used to using thread and a tiny hook, and use it all up! :-)

Here is one of the bags of thread.

Here is the the other bag - can you tell that I had a very hard time getting the thread to stay stacked for the picture? :-) (Oh, and ignore the messy background :-) - they are my sisters Polly Pockets)

$2.00!!!! :-)

The two bags of thread

I got theses three magizines at garage sale about a year ago. I think they were 10 cents each, and they have alot of great patterns in them. I think one is from 1991, and one is 1993, and one is from 1987.

They do have some vintage (my mom says the 80's isn't vintage) patterns like the two above.

Bu there are also some really good patterns like this bag and the horse below

If you are a crocheter or knitter like I am, garage sales and thrift shops are great places to look for supplies and great deals!! Most of my crochet hooks are from the thrift store, and I have also gotten a lot of great yarn there, so I would recommend looking there and at garage sales for things instead of spending almost 3 times as much money if you were buying them at a craft store.


  1. Thats a really good idea. Expecally for me sense I am just starting out (in a way) and I need things and I never have much money!!! Wow you are so smart. I normally go to hobby lobby and that can get expencive so I never get much more then 1 thing of yarn!! So smart!! lol

  2. I am glad you got a good deal on that thread. That is cheap!

  3. Packerfreak7 - Yes it is a great idea for you! And you could probably walk to some of the garage sales! Yes, Hobby Lobby can be expensive. I normally go to Joann Fabrics, since they normally have a little bit better deals than Hobby Lobby. But that is also probably because I don't buy things at Joann's untill they are on sale! :-)

    I am glad too! And I am suprized that nobody took the thread already before I got there! That's probaby because not very many people use thread to make things anymore, because it takes to long. But as with anything with crocheting, you have to have patience to finish your project!