Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why to weave in your ends instead of cutting them off!!

I am making some squares for the Red, White, and Blue Contest (see post before this), and now since I am done with them, I have to weave in the ends and get them sent in. But did I ever tell you how much I weaving in ends? (You can't crochet ends in on a granny square.) And 6 ends a square (because I am switching colors so much) is a lot of ends for a 6 inch square! So after weaving in the ends of two squares, I tried just cutting the ends off with out weaving them in. Thankfully I only did it on one, and that one you can see pictures of above. I have learned my lesson, and now since I have to fix this one, and them weave the ends in, I'll never do it again! :-)


  1. You poor thing! I'm repairing an afghan, about 17 years old, made by a lady who cut the ends off instead of leaving a 4 inch end and weaving it in. Same thing. So glad you caught it in time. I'd be in tears if that happened AFTER finishing the whole thing!


  2. Wow that really stinks. It looks really bad in the pic you know lol.

  3. At least you learn quickly!
    You are an amazing young lady.

  4. River Glorious - That would be horrible if it happened after I finished the whole afghan! I knew I was taking a risk cutting them off, and after I did it I tugged on it to see if it would hold and it didn't.

    Packerfreak7 - It did stink, but at least it was only one of them and not all of them. Yes I know it looks bads. Lol. Thanks for pointing that out. Lol. :D I love how you said that. :)

    Lethalmay - Yes, I learned quickly, but I learned the hard way. :-) Thank you!