Thursday, December 23, 2010

Craft Sale Saturday and Sweet Sergey

I posted a couple Fridays ago, on the 3rd, about my Craft Sale on the 4th. The Craft Sale went well! I didn't sell as much as I had hoped, but that's ok! I was able to tell quite a few people about Reece's Rainbow and show off pictures of my new little brother! ;) My friend (not little sister!), Rachel, sat with me, and also brought the awesome headbands and a scarf to sell! Thanks Rachel! All of the things we sold were dish cloths, but I luckily I didn't sell the one I wanted to use as a Christmas present! ;) (I "hid" it under the other ones!) All of the money I raised from this craft sale went to Sweet Sergey.

Meet Sergey...

Sergey is a little angel boy who is at Elijah's orphanage, and he has stolen my heart. I am now raising money for him on my other blog - Handiwork for Sergey. Below is Sergey's information from Reece's Rainbow -

Sergey (9)

Boy, Born October 15, 2007

This little monkey has a whole host of medical complications, but he is so darling and will surely perish if he is not adopted. He will end up in an institution, bedridden for his very short life. Please consider Sergey!

From his medical records: secondary post-hemorrhagic obstructive internal hydrocephalus, spastic tetraparesis, convulsive disorder, mental disorder as a result of organic affection of brain, additional chord of the left heart ventricle, partial optic atrophy, congenital nystagmus, crossed eyes, delay of physical development

Regrettably, this orphanage is one of the poorer ones, with very little outside aid and very little hope. All of the children are tiny and undernourished. These children are immediately transferred at 4, and have little chance of survival where they are sent. All of our waiting children need families, but these have a critical need. Please consider one of these children soon!!

I have $5000 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

If you would like to make a donation to Sergey's account, please click here, and click donate. Any amount will help, even if it is just $5, Sergey will then be $5 closer to finding a family! Also please feel free to go to my blog and browse the items I have available. I don't have very much on there right now, but I have lots of things made which I will be listing over the next week. Sergey is close to being transferred and once transferred, he has a 85% chance of dying with in the first year he is living there! Please consider helping him, or get the word out about him using the share buttons below each post on my blog.

Thank you, and have a Merry Christmas with your family!
Don't forget that Jesus is the Reason for the Season! Keep Christ in Christmas!

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