Wednesday, December 29, 2010


"Every gift was given for a reason. We can't chose which ones we get, only what we do with them." How will you use your Christmas gifts to further the Kingdom of God this year?

Here are some of the gifts I got, and what I am going to do with them!
  • a Walmart gift card - to buy yarn to raise money for Sergey
  • tshirts - I requested tshirts that supported adoptions, and that's what I got! Part of the money used to purchase these shirts was donated to adopting families, and I will also use these shirts to advocate for the cause of the 147 million orphans around the world.
  • My little brother! Yes, I count him as a Christmas gift! He is the second best gift I received even if he is a little late! - I am going to love on him and give all the love he didn't get from us in the three years in the orphanage!
  • And the Best Gift of all - God's Son! Jesus came down to earth as a tiny baby on the first Christmas. He left all the splendor and glory in heaven and came down to a stinky old smelly stable to save us from eternal punishment in hell. For me, that is THE BEST GIFT I will ever get! He gave me the gift of life, so I am going to live me life for Him!
I love what one of my friends did - she didn't ask for any Christmas presents from her parents, but instead for money for an orphan on Reece's Rainbow. Now the hard part for her is choosing which one to donate to! :) Love you girl!

Remember that there are orphans who spent Christmas lying in a crib, with nothing for Christmas. Not even a family. They are just lying there, with no stimulation, in a room with lots of other cribs. No toys. No nothing. You can give them a present next year. The gift of a family. If you aren't their family, you can help their family bring them home. But, remember, time is running out for them. They soon will not be on earth anymore, they need YOUR help!

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