Friday, December 10, 2010

Block Party 2011 Report #2!

A couple weeks ago, my friend Rachel and I got together and sewed together 2 blankets with the squares I have already received. We then layed out another one which she took home and sewed. A few days later I layed out another one, and she also sewed that up for us!! Thank you Rachel!!!! And great job!!!

P.S. You can see the first Block Party Report for 2011 here.
All the squares from my great aunt's friend before we started sewing.
The first one we layed out - all the short seems were sewn in this picture, I just has to finish up the long ones while Rachel started on the next blanket.

The second one we layed out, still in progress.

I can't exactly say I like this picture of me and Rachel... but it shows us with our work. :)

The last one I layed out for Rachel.

And... The finished product!

Here is the one we sewed together

Sorry bad picture (and yes, that is my foot...), but here is the other Rachel sewed! Good Job!
The other one we both sewed


Awhile ago someone from our 4-H club gave me these knitted panels, I have no idea what from, and told me to use them for whatever. There were six so I sewed them together to make blankets.

Sorry for the bad picture again - the brown in the bottom left hand corner is where I had to crochet ion the gap where there was no knitting. The loops were still hanging there when I got it, the needle was just pulled out, and that panel was shorter than the others.
The other blanket - All the panels were a really pretty design.

Thank you to - Dorothy for making all the squares!!!
Rachel for helping me make two blankets, and making two more!!!
Whoever donated the panels that I used for the block party!!!

These blankets went over to Elijah's orphanage with my mom, and all of the other ones will also go there!

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  1. I'm so very, very proud of you (and Rachel) for giving of your time and efforts to put these blankets together. I can't wait to bring them in. :-) Thank you on behalf of Elijah's grouppa!