Monday, January 3, 2011

Review of My 2010 Goals

I just remembered/realized, thanks to an awesome friend!, that I posted my 2010 goals at the beginning of last year. I was just going through them, and I only knocked about 1/2 of them off of my list, but I have done so much more in the last year than I would have EVER imagined at the beginning of the year! Below is the list I posted last year, and the results.

Crochet Goals:
-Make an afghan - DONE!
-Learn the popcorn stitch - not done
-Learn the shell stitch - not done
-Make 50 baby hats for charity - not done
-Teach at least 3 people to crochet - DONE!
-Make a doily out of thread - not done
-Made at least 6 snowflakes out of thread - not done
-Buy less yarn and use more of what I have (Mom says that's a good goal :-)) - still working on it...

Knitting Goals:
-Learn how to purl - not done (Auntie Debbie - HELP!)
-Make a scarf - DONE!
-Make at least two baby hats for charity - one done
-Make another scarf - not done

Sewing Goals:
-Learn how my sewing machine was made and how it operates - not done
-Make a summer top and shorts - not done
-Design and make more of my own clothes - still working on it!
-Make a patchwork quilt - not done!
-Make fiesta skirt - DONE!

I guess I didn't even get half the things done, but that's okay! There is always this coming year, and look how much MORE I got done!

- Organizing and making things for the Block Party (8 blankets for the first Block Party last year and 6 already for this coming year!)
- Raising money for orphans - Elijah, Tori, Anastasiya, Sergey, and now Eddie!
- Made lots of things for those in EE (like slippers and hats)

This may not seem like a lot, only three things, but they weren't one dish each either. And I know that by doing that that I helped to bless many people.

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