Monday, February 6, 2012

Block Party 2012 Report #2

I had fully intended to get this post up BEFORE the Block Party last Sat, but things got a little crazy last week. I tried to post it yesterday afternoon, but an all afternoon nap (like from 11:30am to 5:30pm!!) was far more important! :) Here are some Block Part preparations that have taken place since the last Block Party Report - You can find Report #1 for this year here.

I don't think I ever posted about it here, but in August, my friend Rachel and I spent a week at my grandma's house, and spent a lot of time sewing together blankets. Here are some pictures! :)
All the blocks... sorted out in the basement!
First one laid out! This is a bigger one than the normal 6x6 or 7x5 we make and will fit a twin sized bed.  We tried to make a lot more of these this year with all the blocks we have.

First one, sewn together!
Our Mexican blanket! :) We had a lot of fun laying this WILD one out, and I think it's both of our favorites, ever! And we didn't use white to sew this one together, we used ORANGE! :)
Our Mexican one, finished! Sorry for the bad picture...
A baby one, finished!
Another one, laid out
And finished!
Some of the finished ones! It felt so good to have soo many done in August!
These have nothing to do with the Block Party, but they are headbands we made that week and donated to the local hospital.
Our lousy attempts at taking pictures of one we had laid out in the back of the van for the 4 hour trip home.

Rachel has this one at her house, and just finished the other day, so pictures of it coming when I post pictures of all the other finished ones! :)
And here are some pictures from last week taken in Block Central. :)
Anna (my 9 yo sister) making her first block... ever!
Isaac (my 7 yo brother) and his stack of 100 blocks that he made HIMSELF! His crocheting is another post in itself...
What do you think my family does for fun?? Crochet blocks and tackle piles of blocks of course!! :D

Weaving in ends, putting borders on blocks that were too small, making more blocks, all happening at Block Party Central! :)
My BFF Rachel came over on Friday night to help us get ready, and we both went shopping with mom.
We got this HUGE pot of beans, and a whole bunch of other yummy food.
We were both making blocks (actually I was putting a border on a blanket) on the way there and back, and on the way home mom and I hear a "Ut-oh... ooooppss!" from the other side of the car. Rachel holds up this -
She says it was dark and we were talking so she wasn't paying attention and it got to big. :) I believed her, but I still found it very amusing. Of course I wouldn't let her rip it out because I had to blog it! hehe what a mean friend I am!
Her loooonnnnnggg block compared to one that's the right size. :) It looked worse in real life than it does in the pictures.

The bouquet of scissors, taken after the mass collecting of scissors raid in search for scissors! :)
I think that's it for before the Block Party! The next will be off the Block Party, but I unfortunately, I forgot to take lots of pictures!

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