Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Block Party 2012 Report #3 - The Block Party!

Bad blogger, I know... can I use I've been too busy sewing blankets together as an excuse??? :) This post is a recap of Saturday the 4th... the Block Party!

Note: After saving pictures for this post... I realized I had a lot more than I thought I did!! Sorry for the picture overload!! :)
My dear wonderful mother and her spread of food!

Sign in/supply table - lots of white yarn, a few of the scissors from our scissors bouquet, name tags, a laptop for totals, and door prizes.

The "weaving in ends table"! A lot of people had given us blocks with the ends not woven in thinking we would use them to sew the blocks together. Not the case. :) Soo they wonderful ladies spent a good chunk of the day weaving in all those ends.

Just a note for anyone thinking about making blocks for us... PLEASE weave in your ends! :)

Blocks, blocks, and more BLOCKS!!! We had a few blankets laid out before I took these pictures so this isn't all of the ones we brought.

A bunch of the other items we collected like blankets, scarves, hats, booties, baby sweaters and toys.

My little brother Isaac (who has been a TREMENDOUS help and time save throughout this project but more on the in another post!), "Aunt" Kathy, and Mrs Diane P

Sadie K, with my BFF Rachel sitting on the side of her with a weird look on her face that she would kill me for posting here... hehehe! She attacked me for the camera to delete it, but didn't succeed, and now I have black mail! ;D

From left to right - Ms. Nancy H, Mrs. Diane P, Mae and Corrin K, and "Aunt" Kathy

Mrs. Mae, and Corrin K. Corrin is 18 and has Down syndrome like my brothers. She was a huge help and did a great job with her sewing. We are so thankful she came to help sew together blankets!

It was saddening for me to think about.. she is helping to sew together blankets for people with Down syndrome or other special needs, but unlike her, they were born in a culture where instead of people seeing their potential, they are shunned and looked down upon because of being a little extra special. Hence the reason they are sent to orphanages right away and later moved to institutions. So sad. :(

The blanket the weaving in ends table laid out and sewed when they were done with the ends.

My sister Rebekah sewing, with big Rebekah who taught her

The Rebekah's!

Left to right - Sadie K, my sister Anna, Makayla R, and Emily F

Mrs Bridget F, and Ms. Bernie L! These two ladies saw our flyers around town/our article in the newspaper and decided to come help! Along with Mrs. Patsy O (not in any pics), they finished two blankets and put a border around one of them. I later got a finished blankets with squares Mrs. Bridget F made!

Ms. Nancy H (above) also came from seeing our article/flyer, and a lady who also saw them stopped by and dropped off 50 blocks! We are soo thankful for the new help!!
Mrs. Lisa G sewing. She is "big" Rachel and "big" Rebekah's mom. :)

Anita/Me-mom/Nana F and Mrs. Edna Mae S

A blanket Sadie K laid out.... There is supposed to be a flower in the middle - the yellowish orange block is the middle of the flower, the greenish blue around it is the petals, the dark green going in a diagonal down is the stem, and the light greens to the side of it the the leaves... do you see it?? ;)

So ya! The pictures pretty much tell the story of the day! It was a great day, we had about 25 people there helping at one time or another, and got a lot done. Of course I was exhausted at the end of the day, but that's to be expected! :)

And again... a HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE who HELPED!!! We could NOT have done it without you!!

Posts coming soon are preparations for the second Block Party of the year which was this past Sat, the second Block Party (of this year), a post about Isaac, and a few other things. And once we get the blankets done (nope still not done), totals and pics of the finished ones! :)

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  1. Hi Sarah! I have just discover your blog and I think everything you do is amazing! I am really interested in making some blocks for the 2013 block party... but I live in Australia.. Is it possible I could post some over to you? My email is if you could get back to me, I'd appreciate it :) I can't believe you are only a teenager either! Im one too and my friends just don't understand why I'm so obsessed with crocheting :P yay! I found someone who does! Anyway, I hope I can contribute to the block party in some way and merry christmas! Best wishes, Emily P :)
    Ps. Not sure why I'm 'anti bullying association' but I'm all for no bullying so yea.. Ok I'll post now :)