Friday, September 21, 2012

Finished Friday - Slippers (again)

Well, I'm home form NY (as of yesterday!)!! I didn't get too much done at the airport/on the plane, when I wasn't too tried to crochet or read I was reading this book, it's SOO good! (Thanks Summer!!) So anyways, all I got done this week was another pair of slippers.

Last time they were for Yvonne, this time they are for Steve, Yvonne's son, and Selah's big brother. I forgot to take a picture before I sent them... thankfully Yvonne sent me one. So now I have a picture to blog! :)
His feet are quite large, so I was a challenge getting them big enough and still keeping them the right proportions, but it looks like they fit! :)


If you would like to join me in this Finished Friday quest to get rid of all the half finished projects we all have... please blog about your project(s) you have finished the past week on Friday's, and come back here and leave a comment with your blog link. If this is successful, in the future I might set up a linky list you can join. Projects do not have to be projects you procrastinated on, they can be anything, sewing/crocheting/knitting or any other fiber art, and they need to be FINISHED! :)

Bloggers currently blogging FF frequently with me are: 
Brianna -

Can't wait to see your projects!

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