Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Block Party Date and Donations!

Hey friends, guess what!


Yup, we officially have the date for the 2013 Block Party Set! :) Without further ado, the 2012 Block Party will be on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013! Please start making blocks if you haven't already and look forward to seeing you there!!!

I know I have some new readers since I started posting patterns, so if you aren't familiar with the Block Party, please visit the Block Party Info page. And remember, even if you don't like locally to me, you can still make blocks and send them to me!! If you have any questions please contact me. Thanks!


We have also started to get donations of blocks, blankets, and other things from many great people!! You can visit the 2013 Donations Log to see totals of what's been donated already!

Here are some pics of most of the things that have been donated thus far.
Crochet Blocks!! These were all made by a friend of ours who made many many blocks for us last year as well. It's hard to see as they are stacked and labelled, there are 290 blocks here!!! THANK YOU so much Mrs. F!

The first knitted block of the year!
Knit blanket donated by a member of the craft club I'm in.
Another knit blanket from another member!
A crocheted blanket (and my toes!)

Named the "world's ugliest sweater" by the person who made it. ;) When people say something along those lines I always say "Well, when the men that will get this went to the institution, these colors were in style!" LOL It's true!!

Baby Hats!
And another knit blanket!
Thank you soo much to everyone who has donated soo far! These items (or the blocks when they are sewn into blankets), will keep many people warm in the coming years!!

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