Monday, December 19, 2011

The Brown Homespun Saga....

Homespun is one of my favorite yarns to use, and I use it for almost ALL of my hats. It's soft, works up fast, looks nice, and has a good color selection.

I recently got an order for several brown and pink owl hats, and a football hat - all which need the brown homespun called "Earth".
So I ordered several skeins of it because we weren't going to be getting to Joann's anytime soon. We placed another order a day or two after with some other things that were out of stock the first time and some more yarn for sock monkey hats. The first one (with the brown homespun) shipped, and a day later the second one did. We got the second one of Friday, and haven't seen the first one yet. It's stuck in a town 2 hours away, and won't be here till Wednesday.

Fine, except there's a problem. I need to have the hats with the brown homespun DONE by Thursday. AND another one with the pink that's also in that box. By Thursday. (The brown hats are a local order, so it doesn't have to be shipped, and the pink one doesn't have to get there until the end of the month.) I can't get 5 hats done in less then 24 hours.

So we started calling around to different local stores today to see if they had any Lionbrand Homespun in brown called "Earth", and the pink color so I could get a head start before the Joann's order came.

Store #1 - "Yes, we have homespun. Let me check on those colors." ....... "We have 5 of the pink, but no brown."

Store #2 - Us: "Do you have any Lionbrand Homepun yarn in brown?"
Craft Department person (this is at Walmart): "We don't carry Lionbrand."
Us: "Lionbrand is the brand, the yarn is called Homespun."
Craft Department person: "Oh we have Homespun!"
Us: "Yes, we know you do. Do you have any in a brown called "Earth"?
Craft Department person: "Let me check." ...................
Around this time my sisters (2 and 5 years old, both very opinionated) start fighting over a cup and come in screaming, then we somehow lost the person at the store. They probably hung up. :) 

So we have Dad stop by Store #2 after work and he can't find that color, but there are other browns that are more of verigated. Nope, can't use that. And nope, can't use Red Heart. I had him get some other yarn I needed instead. He does a very good job with my yarn shopping through!! :) He then says he has to go get something in a different city. Ok, let me try calling a store there...

Store #3 - The lady who answers the phone thinks they have Homespun, she puts me through to that department. The lady who I then talk to can tell me off the top of her head they don't carry "Earth". Hmph, guess I wasn't the first to ask.

Moral of the Story: Always keep extra "Earth" homespun in stock.

Oh yay! Just checked.... the Joann's order finally left that city. Hope it gets here tomorrow! :)

Oh by the way, I'm gonna apply for a job at Store #2. Their yarn department is VERY unorganized, and can use a lot of work. :) That's in my spare time, ya know. :p

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  1. Haha, yes WalMart's yarn is definitely unorganized!! Sorry I couldn't help today. Guess I should have more homespun ;)