Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Presents 2011

Here are some Christmas presents I made and gave this year! I may post more pics in another post of more presents! :)

(Pattern from Sock Monkey Kook)

Elijah's Sock Monkey Hat (no, it doesn't have braids, I ran out of time!)

Isaac's Angry Bird Hat!

He loves it! He wears it all the time and I still can't look at him without cracking up! :)

Rebekah with her tutu. I didn't make the tutu's though.... my friend Jaclyn did.

Rachel in her tutu! She won the award for how many of your presents can you wear!

Anna with her 18" wearing the swimsuit I made and a doll tutu

And poor Matthew got another nose warmer! :) This one is for when he skis (since blaze orange isn't meant for the ski hill) and is redesigned. And I wrote down the pattern this time! Still didn't figure out how to make that nose flap...

What did you make for Christmas presents this year??

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