Friday, December 23, 2011

End of the Brown Homespun Saga!

Yay!!! Last update! :) Let's see, I last updated on Tuesday after I have given up on trying to get the brown yarn locally. The tracking site has said it was going to the post office. So my mom went to the post office on Tuesday afternoon (around 4pm) and it wasn't there. The tracker updated later Tuesday night and said it had gotten to the post office at noon. NO it didn't because it wasn't there! Whatever.

On Wednesday morning, I had a lookout posted constantly to watch for the mailman. Of course, of all days, he was 45 minutes later then usual. :p I about tackled him when he finally came, and thankfully, he had that beloved package!!! :) Wanna see how happy I was to get that yarn???
Picture does not even do it's justice! LOL
I can't even explain the feeling I had when I had the brown Earth homespun that I had stressed so much over going through my hands! It was AMAZING!!! LOL

Yesterday, with the help of my dear friend Rachel, I finished the hats, and Rachel (and her family) dropped them off at the lady's house. Oh, it felt soo good when that order left the house!

Great ending, right? HA! The lady who ordered them emails me last night after she gets them. She loves them, except the football hat, which I had made teenage to adult size was supposed to be for a 1 yr old. OOPS!!! Guess I need to double check what I write down with the person who ordered from now on....

And THANK GOODNESS I had enough brown homespun left to make that one too!! LOL I made most of it last night, and put the finishing touches (like straps, stitches, and pompom) on this morning. Unfortunately, because of my lack of sleep I was a bit clumsy this morning and while cutting the pompom gashed cut my left pointer finger. :p

But she stopped by and got it this morning, and I can officially say that order is DONE!!! Here are pictures!!
Two of the girl pink and brown Owl hats

1 matching doll Owl hat

The wrong size football hat

The right size football hat

And a bigger size of this Owl hat
She did say she will probably be ordering more though, so to be on the safe side, I have 5 skeins on "Earth" homespun in my online Joann's shopping cart! :D

I mention this too... while I have not had nightmares about this yet, Rachel has!! :) If my memory serves me correctly, she was looking for a brown verigated homespun with more colors into it like this....
but, all the store had was "Earth". I wanna call that store!!! :D

Correction: She was looking for "Earth", but all the store had was that verigated stuff. Maybe I don't want to call that one.... ;)

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