Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Update on the Brown Homespun Saga

So it didn't come today like I had hoped. It's still departing that town according to the tracker. :p The lady who ordered emailed today and wants them tomorrow.So I called some more stores in a wider radius to see if we could go get some tonight, seeing as there's no guaranteed we will get it tomorrow.

Store #4 - "Nope, don't have any of that color."

Store #5 (another Walmart) - Nope, don't connect me to the Cashiers department, the craft department! ..... "Nope, we don't carry that color."

Store #6 - Get the answering machine... ??? Didn't bother leaving a message!

Store #7 - Have Homespun.... Listened to Frosty the snowman for 3 min waiting for them to check. I finally talk to a lady who says the guy who answered the phone told her it was brown, not "Earth". Wait another few minutes, couldn't make out the song they were playing. Nope, she can't find any.

Store #6 (again.. called back) - "No, we do not carry that color."

By this point I'm getting really really mad! How can SEVEN stores around here NOT have or NOT carry that color?!?!? Still, I'm managing to (barely) keep my cool when they tell me no.

Store #8 - No Frosty while I waited. And no, no earth. ARGGGGGG!!!

Store #9 (Walmart, not gonna say more.) - Doesn't think they have any but looked anyways.... while waiting I was transferred to Toys!!! So the toys lady goes and checks.... While waiting for her the craft lady picks up again and says they don't.... X(

Walmart (several different locations), Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Hancock Fabrics... any other ideas???

Store #10 - Mom called one of her friends who gave us the name of a shop.... I looked them up, they are open until 5. It's 5:14. :p Googled 'yarn shop *sh**sh'....

Store #11 - Don't carry homespun.

Store #12 - Got the answering machine... only open till 4:30.

Store #13 - Don't carry homespun. Didn't figure any of these would, they are nicer yarn stores.


I GIVE UP!!!!!!

And can someone tell me why guys keep answering the phone at the Craft Stores, and I get girls at Walmart????

Boy, am I getting good at calling stores!

And yes go ahead and laugh at me! :)

To be continued...

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