Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fair - Crocheting

Last part of Fair Showing - Crocheting!
Judging my Dishcloths
Judging my scarf/shawl/wrap thing
Judging my cotton bag
A blue! - She liked how lacy it was and that the tassels were a good length and thickness for the project. 
18" doll swimsuit... I had this done, and I still needed an entry for a doll or toy item. :)
I had these done as well, and decided to bring them. It's nice that everything I sell is "fair worthy" so I don't have to make everything specifically for fair to bring it! :)
Baby Bluebird Hat - It REALLY annoyed me when I had 5 flowers made and sitting in my room, but I had to make a new one for this hat for fair. Why? Because Rachel made the others for me... ;)
Frog Hat! :)
Rebekah's Plarn Bag
Dish Cloths - I realize now blogging this picture that the blue and multicolored ones are upside down, and the purple one is sideways... and it's driving me CRAZY! lol It's a pet peeve, and I've blogged about it before.
The next day when mom was there with the other kids (I was home babysitting the littles as I'm done showing!), I had her flip them, and I attempted to have her take a new picture for me, but that doesn't work when she has my camera, and my memory card is still in the computer. :P
And the surprises of the day - A Best of Show on my baby blanket...

...And a State Fair on my bag!! That was the big surprise! I knew I would most likely get some big award of something with all first and 3 stars... like I've said, little competition, but was NOT expecting it on these two items! My guesses would have been the dishcloths and wrap/shawl/scarf. But nope. 

She really liked the fuzziness of the blanket and the fact she could find no ends (this is CRUCIAL that you hide all your ends if you show knitting or crocheting, I've learned the hard way, and she didn't find any on my stuff this year!). 

And the bag... that was a HUGE surprise. If I had to choose which item I thought would get a red, it would have been that bag! You know the bag which took FOREVER and we stayed up till 2 am the night before trying to get done. ;) She really like the strap, and the how tight and sturdy seam up the side was (maybe because I stitched it twice because I did the first one wrong and I didn't want to rip it out.. hehe).

So that sums up fair showing! And just to sum up our day excluding how well the actually showing went... I'll show you this picture.

Ya... no naps for anyone. The plan was to get there early, get done quick, and then come back and do naps. Didn't go so well. Oh and I mentioned the end of the night after the judge left in my last post.. that was at 9pm, and no worries, we didn't all stay until then, I stayed with some friends to help hang up photography photos on the boards. Everyone else ended up leaving around 5. Even so, without naps, it was a LONG day. ;)

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  1. Congratulations on all of your blue ribbons and awards! I'm so proud of all of your hard work, Sarah. You are so talented!!!

    (I esp love the strap on that cotton bag. :-))