Friday, August 3, 2012

Finished Friday - Rachel's Outfit, Shawl, Plarn Bag, Sponge Bob Hats, and Baby Blanket Border

If you would like to join me in this Finished Friday quest to get rid of all the half finished projects we all have... please blog about your project(s) you have finished the past week on Friday's, and come back here and leave a comment with your blog link. If this is successful, in the future I might set up a linky list you can join. Projects do not have to be projects you procrastinated on, they can be anything, sewing/crocheting/knitting or any other fiber art, and they need to be FINISHED! :)


I never said you couldn't post about more than one item! I usually tend to do only one, but I'm changing it up this week! :) Hopefully this will also make up for the Finished Friday's I missed in the past few weeks.

My excuse for being MIA lately- fair judging starts in 63 hours.. err 2 1/2 days. And I still have LOTS to do. :)

So onto this week's Finished Friday! First up, a sewing project for fair - An outfit for my little sister Rachel. I have to admit, this turned out absolutely adorable, and it called for an impromptu photoshoot. :)
Had to take this picture... because you won't look at the outfit in the pictures below... only my adorable model!

Seriously? Little Diva! I had her put her hand on her hip and on the garage there, but she lifted up  her foot and put it on top of the other one!!
Not a fan of the bees buzzing around her head...
So I "threatened" to tickle her if she didn't smile!
Peek-a-boo! I see you!

My favorite picture!!

Next up - a shawl/big scarf/wrap thing! I used a N hook (REALLY big for my non-crocheter readers), and reg worsted weight yarn to create the lacy effect. I used this pattern, and used ALL of the One Pounder skein. This shawl is going go to fair (if it makes it), and then I'll sell it on my other blog.
Yes, I used the shower curtain rod to model it for me because I didn't feel like it. I'm cool like that.


Next - a plarn bag. I never blogged about it here (hello, I've blogged 7 times since the Block Party posts.. I kinda don't have breathing room in there to blog about such projects), but I made a rainbow plarn bag for my sister Anna awhile back. I took most of a day to make (6+ hours?), but I finished it in a day, and same with this one I just made the other day for my sister Rebekah.
It looks much cooler in person. Take my word for it.
This bag will go to fair, and then it will used by my sister and hopefully not get sprayed with water and rot. I used plarn (plastic bag yarn) and a strand of regular acrylic held together for stability. I changed the color of the acrylic to do the striping effect (same with the rainbow one). I did make up this pattern, since I HATE using patterns (no offense pattern writers), and I will write and test this pattern soon so I can share it with you so you can make your own awesome colored plarn bag! :)


Next - Sponge Bob Hats. Ohh these were dreadful! They were for an order, and I will let you all know that if you want to order one of these, expect to pay $50 per hat, and expect it to take a couple years. Ahem. I am not in favor of making more. :) 

The pattern used is from Ashley Phelps, who is one of my favorite designers for hats. I've come back again and again to her patterns to use as the base for mine, and haven't been disappointed. I've used her Angry Red Bird, Angry Black Bird, and now SpongeBob. I also have intentions of using the Minion, Panda, Polar Bear, and I have a Monkey in process. So yeah, all her hat patterns. :)


And lastly - I finished the border on this blanket. :)

Until Fair is a "Finished Friday",
Sarah :)

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