Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fair - Sewing

Next up for Fair - Sewing!
Judging Rachel's outfit
Judging the skirt I made (haven't posted about it here yet). You can get this pre-shirred material at the store, but we did it ourselves by switching the regular bobbin with a bobbin of elastic thread. It wasn't that hard to do, except for getting each round started. But definitely worth doing it yourself instead of buying it pre-shirred for $15 a yard!
My bag - another post coming about this, once I get it back from Fair at the end of this week and can take more detailed pictures!
On Rachel's outfit I got Best of Show! :) I wasn't expecting that, though I knew it was possible (like there is very little competition in my levels of sewing and crocheting... they are becoming lost arts!). The judge said really liked how neat and clean all the seams were on the inside. It was originally going to be a State Fair, but they changed it to Best of Show because I had told her it was for my little sister, and if it had gotten State Fair, Rachel wouldn't have been able to wear it until after State Fair next year (our Fair is after State Fair) and it wouldn't have still fit her. Plus she's been asking to wear it since I got it done. The head sewing/crocheting/knitting organizer told me this later... we have gotten to know her pretty well, and the judge, who I have had for crocheting, knitting, and sewing the past 3 years. :)
Next up - Crocheting!

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  1. Congratulations Sarah! Nice job on all of your sewing projects. So proud of you!