Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Slippers and LOTS of yarn

Since we figured we would be making lots of slippers, my mom and I bought lots of yarn to make them with. I had bought a 1 pound skein of Caron yarn to make blocks with before the Block Party. Joann Fabrics carries Caron One Pound Yarn - you can find it here. There are mixed reviews about it. Some say that it is the worst yarn ever, it splits and it is rough and uneven with lots on knots. Others say it is their favorite yarn, it is sturdy and soft, and it washes up nice. Caron One Pound Yarn is my favorite yarn to use! I love it - it isn't soft, but it isn't rough or uncomfortable to work with and it holds up nicely. It doesn't split at all when I am using it like most other yarns do. I would recommend it to anyone, but it might be kind of hard for some people to use up a whole pound of yarn (it isn't for me!). We bought the three Caron skeins on the left (in the picture below) to use together to make slippers, as the pattern I use for slippers uses three strands of worsted weight yarn together. The blue yarn we had bought to use to sew the cross blanket together, put the border on the blanket, and the rest to make slippers. The yellow yarn we bought to make slippers with the blue, because blue and yellow are the two colors on Ukraine's flag. The blue and yellow aren't really the right shades though. The yellow yarn isn't Caron One Pound Yarn, it is Pound of Love. It is much softer.

All five of the huge skeins - I put a tape dispenser in the picture too so you can see how big they are.

The three skeins to make slippers with and a the tape

A pair of slippers I made using the blue and yellow (see above) and a strand of white
These are some slippers I made with the three big skeins. I have made three other pairs with the same yarn, but different sizes, and I plan to make more to use up the yarn. The skeins are much smaller now, than they were when I took the above pictures, but they will still make lots more slippers.

These are some slippers that Mrs. Pasty O made for us to send over to Ukraine

Here are some more slippers that she made

And here are some adorable baby booties that she made. I attempted this pattern but couldn't figure out what the directions were saying. :-) I will figure it out though. Thanks Mrs. Patsy O!


  1. Oh my, that's a LOT of yarn! I'm glad you put the tape in there for perspective; I didn't expect the yarn to be that big!

    I'm so very excited that you're making things for Ukraine! I can't wait to see that beautiful country for myself!

  2. Yes, it is ALOT of yarn. Yes, they are (or were) huge.

    How exciting that you are going there! I can't wait to see the country either! (Not in pictures - for real!)