Tuesday, April 6, 2010


After the Block Party last Saturday, I decided to try making a pair of slippers. I was told that they need hundreds of pairs of slippers over in Ukraine, where we are sending the blankets and other things. Right now I have 5 pairs done. There slipper pattern I used is found here (when something is underlined like that it is usually a link you can click on to go to a website). Below are pictures of the slippers I have done.

Here is a pair of red, white, and blue slippers - these are the biggest size I have made so far, they are a large men's size
Another pair of red, white, and blue slippers

Still another pair of red, white, and blue slippers - they are both made with the same yarn, but the colors lined up differently

The slippers above were all adult slippers, but these are a pair of child slippers

Here is another pair of adult slippers - they look different because I ran out of the pink yarn, so I had to use a stand of white instead on the other slipper

Little Miss Rachel is fascinated by strings, so she is very happy to sit next to me when I crochet and play with my string. Our cat, Tiger, also likes to sit next to me when I sit outside and crochet on our deck or porch. When I pull a bunch of yarn out of the ball, it starts moving as I use it up, so the cat pounces on it and bites it. Thankfully the cat doesn't like the taste of it, so after awhile she leaves to go find a mouse that tastes better than my yarn. :-)
I am sending these slippers over to Ukraine with the blankets. As I said above, they need hundreds of slippers over there, so if you have the time and yarn, please consider making some to give to me to send over. We are packing the things on April 24, so I need the slippers no later, than the 22nd. If you still want to make slippers or other things, but you can't get them to me by the end of April, I will start collecting things for the next time things are shipped (things are shipped 3-4 times a year). Almost anything you can make, they can use, so we are collecting pretty much everything.
The reason I help so much with things like this and I am always looking for ways to bless others with my talents which God has given to me is because - I serve "just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." (Matthew 20:28 NIV)


  1. SARAH - YOU TOTALLY STUN ME!! You are an amazing young lady!

  2. Thank you! Did you catch they are going to Ukraine? Wouldn't that be cool if it is the same place Aaron is from?!?