Thursday, April 1, 2010

Block Party Report #2

Here comes report #2! This one isn't so long, I promise. I didn't post pictures of the baby/toddler hats and sweaters in the other one because it got too long. So this post is pictures of those. Like I said in the last post, we collected 22 crochet baby/toddler hats, 18 knit baby hats, and 3 crochet baby sweaters.

Here are the hats that Barb F made that I also put in the post Block Party Preparations.
Here are the rest of the knitted baby hats we collected. (I made one too that I do not have a picture of.) The pattern that was used for all of the knitted baby hats can be found here.

Here are all of the crochet baby/toddler hat we collected. They all vary in size as some are preemie hats, and others are toddler hats. One of the patterns that was used for some of the hats is the one I posted, which can be found here. I made about 7 baby hats with that pattern.

Here is another baby hat I made. I made this as a sample of the pattern I posted which can be found here.
These two baby sweaters were made by Patsy O. Thanks Pasty!

I made this baby sweater. I looks really boring compared to the two above, doesn't it? The pattern for the baby sweater can be found here. It is from the same website as I got the pattern for My Grandpa's Hats from.
The title of this post says Report #2, and the last one said Report #1, so you have probably guessed that this is going to be a series of posts. I have lots more from the Block Party to post about, like more pictures from Saturday once we get the camera cord; and pictures from this coming Saturday; and of course, pictures of everything once they are done.


  1. Hi...


    You have won an 8-pack of CROCHET PATTERNS in my GIVE-AWAY.

    Send your mailing info to me and we will be sending these out next weekend.

    My email addy can be found under the top photo, right column of my blog.


  2. I have a question for you. I know that you made a baby hat and I was wondering after I finish my scarf(which should be soon.) Then if you could teach my that and how to make blocks and EVERYTHING you know?? If so we will have to set a date and everything. So If so just email me or call me or whatever works for you. BY the way love the pics!!

  3. Aubey,
    I would love to teach more about crocheting! Maybe not everything, because I wouldn't ba able to remember it at one time, and it would take ALL day! But I would love to get together sometime again!

  4. Sarah,
    Ok sounds good. WE will just have to set up a date. So WE can just talk over email or whatever works!!
    Aubrey :-)